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Tesimo/Tisens: the charming village

Holidays in picturesque setting in South Tyrol

The village of Tesimo/Tisens is located right half way from the cities of Merano and Bolzano, on a sunny and romantic plateau at 630 m above sea level. Far away from the most crowded tourist areas, form the traffic and the frenetic modern life, this enchanting town with its 1,700 inhabitants welcomes you in relaxing and peaceful surroundings.

The neighbouring historical villages of Prissiano, Caprile, Grissiano, Narano, Plazzoles and Giornago with their castles, fortresses, bastions and ancient ruins create a fantastic medieval setting for your holidays in the Alps. Ever since the time of knights the area around Tesimo is much appreciated for its mild climate and the beauty of its landscape and many nobles chose this milieu as ideal location for their residences and holiday resort.

A wide range of unique footpaths through orchards, chestnut groves, woods and antique ruins invites guest to some hours in the open air to discover the marvels of the alpine world and the local traditions.

After a long but pleasant hike plunged in the natural as well as historical scenery of the neighbourhood, there is nothing better than to admire the enchanting sunset painting the Dolomites red.

Curiosity: Tesimo hosts the most ancient vines in Europe… and their wine is absolutely excellent! A further landmark of this alpine region is the felt: every year a big “Felt Meeting” takes place in the village and along the “international track of the felt art” artisans exhibit their artistic works.

Blossoming: end of April – beginning of May
Harvest: between September and October
“Törggelen”: October and November are “chestnuts time” – enjoy the happy atmosphere of these typical gatherings!